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DOB: June 3
Current Residence: Scottsdale, Arizona
Cycling Disciplines: Road
Specialty: All Around, sprinter
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: Winning Athens Twilight (2019) in front of the wildest crowd I have ever seen! 
Race Day Habits: Jam out to good music
Favorite Race: Tulsa Tough, for sure
Goals for 2021: Race as many races as possible and make the most of each one! 
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Shopping and going to the gym
Biggest Fear: Cockroaches
Must-Haves for Traveling: AeroPress Coffee Maker!

Instagram: @summermoak14

I grew up in Katy, Texas but I am now living in Huntington Beach, CA and Scottsdale, AZ! I got into cycling when my parents enrolled me at our local velodrome's summer camp in 2011. I’ve been hooked ever since, but transitioned into mostly road over the past few years. I love all the places my bike takes me!


I’m really looking forward to 2021 with Wolfpack. I’ve always loved racing crits and especially USACRITS because the fields are always huge and the payout is a plus! We have such a strong and versatile squad and it’s going to be so much fun having teammates who can win from any scenario! I’m excited to see what we can accomplish this year together on and off the bike! 

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