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DOB: December 12
Current Residence: Lake in the Hills, IL (Northwest suburbs of Chicago)
Cycling Disciplines: Photography, Gravel, Cyclocross, Road, Mountain
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: In 2013, The Gravel Century: A proposal of sorts.
Race Day Habits: As a photographer: Have a plan laid out the night before. Arrive early. Try to execute the plan. As a racer: Arrive at the venue 2hrs before the race starts at minimum. Spend an hour and a half running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything ready. Try to warm up in the 10 minutes I have before staging. Go.

Favorite Race: As a photographer: The Chicken Dinner Road Race. As a rider: The 2016 Night Bison
Goals for 2021: Race more, Capture better
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Home renovation: watching and doing, video games: playing, naps: taking

Biggest Fear: Losing Morleigh
Must-Haves for Traveling: Almost everything that we would ever need, plus extra to share...and a snack bag

Instagram: @snowymountainphotography


I started taking pictures at cyclocross races as a way to keep busy in morning while waiting for my Cat 4 races to start in the afternoon. After two years of posting race photos on Facebook, someone asked, “How can I buy one of your photos?” and SnowyMountain Photography was born. Morleigh became involved because there was no one to take pictures of my races, and said aloud, “if Nathan can do it, how hard can it be?”


We became partners and spent the next few years honing our craft, traveling together to bigger and bigger races, and partnering with teams who understood the value that a husband and wife photography team could bring their storytelling. One of my mottos is: “To get the shot that no one else can get, you must be willing to go where no one else will go.” That often means climbing trees, laying in gutters, and standing on dumpsters all in the hope of finding a new perspective. 

Why Wolfpack?


Wolfpack has, on paper, one of the strongest DI USA Crit teams this season. Kelly has raised the profile of her team from local to National in a very short period of time, and we are looking forward to helping tell the story of what we believe will be their breakout season.

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DOB: April 6
Current Residence: Lake in the Hills, IL (Northwest suburbs of Chicago)
Speciality: Keeping SnowyMountain on track, on time, and most importantly having fun!
Best Moment in Your Photography Career: An athlete's parents told me, "We can't be in the States to watch our child race. Your photos make us feel like we are there in person. Thank you for that gift." I got really choked up
Race Day Habits: Final weather check, revisiting our pre race strategy making sure it's still relevant, and packing snacks in our camera bags to keep us fueled for the day

Favorite Race: Otto Wenz Cafe Hollander Downer Classic (Stage 10 of Tour of America's Dairyland)
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Napping

Biggest Fear: Oversleeping and missing the start of the race
Must-Haves for Traveling:  Swedish fish, Celebrity Gossip Magazines, and Nathan

Instagram: @snowymountainphotography


I went to my first bike race with Nathan in 2011 and started to fall in love... with the sport too. The next year I picked up Nathan’s camera when he was racing saying aloud, “if Nathan can do it, how hard can it be?”


I started applying my marketing know-how to the work that Nathan and I were producing with SnowyMountain Photography, and have been the driving force behind our growth over the last few years. 

Why Wolfpack?

Wolfpack has a great mix of racers with different levels of experience and varying backgrounds. I'm really looking forward to seeing each member of the team learn and grow from one another. This year will be full of challenges and celebrations both on and off the bike and I want to be on hand to capture those moments.