Meet The Pack!

Proud momma wolf at Lago Vista. Photo by Jim Hicks.

Seven years. It’s been SEVEN years since I decided to start my own women’s cycling team in November of 2014. I never felt like I belonged in the “scene”. Never a cool kid and fairly new to Austin, I just didn’t feel like I fit in with any of the local women’s teams.

We started out as beginners and I selected members based on whether or not I would feel comfortable on a long road trip with them. I wanted to be the nice kids, not the hashtagcoolkids, and I was lucky enough to get some incredibly talented women to believe in my vision!

As we’ve grown from beginners into a team stacked with professional athletes from all over the world, we have won national championships, landed on many a podium, crashed a few times, but always got back up, ready for more.

One thing that truly sets us apart from the rest of the pack (see what I did there?) is our focus not on what we can get, but what we can give. Wolfpack has always strived to make an impact by giving back to the community in a vast multitude of ways - with a focus on growing women’s cycling. We’ve hosted maintenance clinics, volunteered for women’s beginner rides, hosted clinics, mentored at races, created a badge for the Girl Scouts (!!!!), you name it. We’ve done it. (within reason)

This year, we’ve leveled up quite a bit. This year would not be possible without the support of ProBikeKit. Literally. They have been the best partners, helping us spread our wings and take flight. And they got us hooked up with Morvelo, who gave us a much needed refresher. I mean, look at the kit. Just look at it.

A new look for 2022. Photo. by Corvin Alstot

You’ll see this kit all around the US as we hit up some of the finest bike racing this country has to offer. We won’t just be hanging in our Lair at the races either, we’ll also be putting on some badass women’s clinics with the help of some pretty massive partners.

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As our Nashville Local Wolfpack guys like to say, “More to come.”


Thanks to our Partners

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