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DOB: September 10
Current Residence: New Zealand
Cycling Disciplines: Road
Specialty: Don't specialize, just give everything a go
Race Day Habits: Eating so many gummy bears that I feel sick 
Goals for 2021: Support this awesome team and be there whenever I can
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Hanging with my friends and not taking life too seriously. Anything outdoors from hiking and swimming to traveling to culturally different places in the world
Must-Haves for Traveling: SNACKS!!! No one likes a hangry redhead

Instagram: @pip.sutton

I am from the country that is often missed off world maps, or asked if we are similar to Australia. I began cycling in my last year at high school when I had discovered other things than soccer. I started socially, however, my competitive nature took over and I was hooked. The idea of a sport that is so individual yet so team-based excites and brings out the best in me. Cycling has taken me all over the world, meeting and seeing so many people.


Being a part of such a fantastic team, Wolfpack, is what really makes me smile ear to ear. The support on and off the road from team mates, management, and sponsors is what makes this team special. I look forward to many laughs and good racing in 2021.

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