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DOB: October 30
Current Residence: San Ramon, California
Cycling Disciplines: Road, track
Specialty: Road
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: To date, one of my favorite moments was when I won the Kermesse Circuit Race at Intelligentsia Cup in 2019. It wasn't a particularly technical course, but it had a brutal headwind of 20+ mph uphill. Within the first few laps I got into a break and then attacked the break to ride the next 40 miles solo. 2 laps to go there was one person who bridged to me, but I successfully sprinted for the win. It was a good reminder that in order to win, sometimes you have to be willing to risk it all. 
Race Day Habits: I like taking a 20-minute "shut eye" before heading out to the race. I don't need to actually nap, I just need a few minutes to calm my mind and get focused. 
Favorite Race: Undoubtedly my favorite race on the calendar this year is San Rafael Twilight  - my "hometown" race. Not only is the course fun, but it's rare that my non-cycling friends and family get exposure to an event of that caliber. I make it a point to invite new people every year so they can get an introduction into the world of bike racing. 
Goals for 2021: Make smart and purposeful moves to contribute to team wins - whether attacking, bridging or leading out. Take intelligent risks. 
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: I love to cook and am always happy to put together a meal for my family, friends, and teammates. 
Biggest Fear: I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and - appropriately - I have a very real paranoia of being kidnapped. If I'm alone on a hiking trail and someone is coming up the trail behind me, I will stop and pretend to take a picture so that they can pass me and I can keep them in my sights. 
Must-Haves for Traveling: My spice kit! It has little packets of the essentials like cinnamon, garlic salt, and sriracha sauce. 

Instagram: @passedbyagirl

I have been racing bikes in Northern California for the last 5 years and have been an athlete my whole life, growing up as a competitive gymnast, swimmer and diver. Shortly after college I was introduced to the sport of cycling and rose quickly through the ranks. I excel at road courses with short, punchy climbs as well as technical criteriums. My favorite thing about cycling - aside from traveling and exploring - is the mechanics behind team strategy and “the game” behind every race. When not on the bike, I am a program manager at LinkedIn in Silicon Valley where, very much like any team sport, I organize software engineers to collaborate, communicate and execute. I believe that athletes make the best employees and enjoy how one passion feeds the other.


As a new member of Wolfpack in 2020, I hope to make significant contributions to team wins while having fun and enjoying the thrill of the sport.

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