Melanie Wong



Get to know Melanie!

Birthday: October 30

From: USA:

Role: Rider
Cycling Disciplines:  I'm a roadie at heart, but I've raced on the track and have recently taken up gravel riding

Specialty: I like a punchy course with short hills

2021 HighlightWithout a doubt my favorite moment of the season was at Winston-Salem when the team clinched the lap leader's jersey for former teammate Julie Juliecza. Throughout the race we were able to communicate, adapt and overcome as a team - pulling back the break, controlling the front and helping Julie stay in position. It was so gratifying afterwards to see it all come together. 

2022 Goals: Consistency. I went into last season feeling great training-wise, but battled with stress and insomnia on-and-off throughout the season. I've spent a lot of time in the offseason getting both my body and mind back to a healthy state to be able to perform at the level I know I can.

Race Most Stoked About: Returning to Redlands after several years of race cancellations. The first time I participated in Redlands I was a newly upgraded cat 2 with literally one full season of racing under my belt. I barely made the time cuts and struggled every day just to hang on. Since then I've ridden it many times and each year has benchmarked progress in my 10 year cycling career.

Pre-Race Playlist:

Think of it as Pop meets blood, guts and glory: 

1. Britney Spears "Circus"

2. Bishop Briggs "White Flag"

3. The Score "Glory"

If I were an animal I would be: I was born in the year of the Tiger on the Lunar Calendar. Tigers are known for being fiery, fearless, dynamic and - paired in my case with the chinese element of fire - also intensely focused. Not sure this really describes me in all cases, but 2022 happens to be the year of the Tiger so I'm hoping to channel my spirit animal all season long!


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