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Current Residence: Leander, Texas
Cycling Disciplines: Cheerleader, Manager, Director
Specialty: I am legit the loudest person in the crowd
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: Hearing Frankie Andreau refer to Wolfpack as an up and coming team to watch back in 2018
Race Day Habits: You can find me on the start line collecting empty SIS packets, handing out ice socks, topping off water bottles, and offering last minute words of wisdom... Like, “Go faster.” And “Move up.”
Favorite Race: Gotta be Tulsa Tough. The entire weekend is an absolute blast
Goals for 2021: World domination
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Sitting on the couch in my fat pants, binge watching Netflix while playing Toy Blast. It’s a thrilling life I lead

Biggest Fear: Letting people down
Must-Haves for Traveling: Headphones, audiobook, Diet Coke, and my Yeti cup

Instagram: @kaybee1925

10 years ago I was a cycle instructor at LA Fitness. One of my friends told me to “quit being a poser and get out on the road.” One Sunday she took me out on my first road ride and the very next day I bought my first road bike. 5 months later I was racing, and 5 years after that I started my very own women’s team. After a few years of racing and several injuries, I decided to retire the safety pins and focus my energies on developing my local team into a national powerhouse. I’m happiest when I’m in the pit with my husband, the yin to my yang and the best team mechanic I could ever ask for.

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