DOB: January 12
Current Residence: Birmingham, Alabama
Cycling Disciplines: Road, cyclocross, mountain bike 
Specialty: Suffering
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: 13th at Road Race Nationals in 2017. I hung with the leaders until the climb last lap but was able to hold off the peloton for 13th.

Race Day Habits:  I'm always nervous, I question why I do this (race), the come to peace that I'm a lil crazy and just have fun. I have a routine warm up, eat the same bland things, visualize the race, count back from 50 on the start line, then try to work my ass off for my teammates!
Favorite Race: Athens Twilight was my first and favorite P/1/2 race
Goals for 2020: have fun, be safe, teamwork, win

Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Squats! I also love my job :)

Biggest Fear: crashing
Must-Haves for Traveling: derailleur hangers

Instagram: @katsweatt & @dr.katsweatt

I grew up in Dallas, TX. My first passion was soccer. I played from age 6 through college. A big time endurance junkie and a bit of a nerd, I got hooked on sprint triathlons one summer while in grad school. I did way too many that summer which landed me in physical therapy for knee pains. I later went back just to cycling and met Jennifer Wagner Assali who taught me all about racing and was my Wolfpack connection. 

What I love most about cycling... tough question. I love the science involved in training and physiology. My side gig is coaching, where I get to apply what I learned in my many many (too many) years of school to dive into an athlete’s physiology and daily performance, chat about power numbers and lactate threshold. 

Also, nothing compares to the feeling of being fit, competing with your teammates who are like sisters, and coffee rides with friends. 

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