DOB: January 28
Current Residence: Clover, South Carolina
Cycling Disciplines: Road, cyclocross, mountain bike
Specialty: Road
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: Standing on the podium at the 2019 Junior Road World Championships
Race Day Habits: Blasting my pre-race playlist
Favorite Race: Gent Wevelgem 
Goals for 2021: Place top three in the U25 USA Crits category 
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Hiking! 
Biggest Fear: Being stuck inside
Must-Haves for Traveling: Mini foam roller and all the good snacks

Instagram: @avasykes_

My name is Ava Sykes and I’m from a small town right outside of Charlotte. I started out competing in triathlons and switched to cycling after watching my father race. Discovering new roads and meeting amazing people along the way made me fall in love with the sport of cycling.


In 2021, I’m looking forward to racing and making amazing memories with the Wolfpack girls.

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