celine oberholzer

DOB: April 23
Current Residence: San Marcos, Texas
Cycling Disciplines: Road, Gravel, Mountain
Specialty: Anything other than climber
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: Any time I finished a race and gave it everything I had! But if I have to pick a specific moment I'd say finishing DirtyKanza200 was extra special
Race Day Habits: Drinking strong coffee, eating a hearty breakfast, and arriving at the race venue extra early to get a good warm up in/get acquainted with the porta potties 
Favorite Race: Intelligentsia Cup!
Goals for 2020: Learn from my teammates, get smarter, and get faster
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Taking naps, reading, and playing with my two kitty cats
Biggest Fear: Worms
Must-Haves for Traveling: My ThinkSport refillable water bottle and CBD

Instagram: @celine_the_psychlist

I was born in Geneva, Switzerland and grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL. I discovered bike racing in 2017 when I raced the women's Little 500 at Indiana University Bloomington. I fell in love! I started racing crits, road, and eventually gravel and mountain bike races, too. I started racing full time May of 2019. I love both the physical and mental challenge that bike racing provides. I also love how empowering this sport is! In spite of some factors that might indicate otherwise, I think cycling is a predominantly honest sport: if you put in the work, and do so consistently, you'll see tangible progress. It is brutally hard work, but it is rewarding. I'm incredibly excited to race with Wolfpack in 2020. They're the first team I've been on and I know I have a whole lot to learn from each and every one of them. I am eager to absorb and apply the knowledge they share with me, and contribute to some Wolfpack wins!

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