DOB: March 14
Current Residence: Savannah, Georgia & Boise, Idaho
Cycling Disciplines: Road, cyclocross, mountain bike
Specialty: Criterium
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: 3rd at Boise Twilight (2019)
Race Day Habits: Pre-race meal is always ravioli
Favorite Race: Boise Twilight or Athens Twilight
Goals for 2021: Have some fun, rail some corners
Must-Haves for Traveling: Patagucci vest and Albanese gummy bears

Instagram: @abby.youngwerth

I am from Boise, Idaho (one of the best cycling environments around, in my opinion). It is also home to the Boise Twilight which has some of the best crowds and atmosphere of the USA Crit Series. I was introduced to cycling by my stepdad; he got my mom and I into it which was a really cool way to start the sport. I love getting to travel around the states racing my bike and hanging out with like-minded people.


I’m super excited to get the season going. I think we have a strong roster who are motivated to tear it up.