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What began as a group of beginners in Austin, Texas five years ago has grown into an
international powerhouse competing on the professional level in the United States. The Wolfpack is a tight-knit group of like-minded women who not only kick ass on the bike, but give back through regular community engagements and workshops with the Girl Scouts of America.


Hey, let’s go ride bikes.

5 words, 5 syllables. A life forever changed. That’s where our story began. With every stroke of the pedal, that’s what we wish for each woman we meet, from 7 to 70. Sure, we race. We love going fast. But racing also turns us into super-heroines in the eyes of all the children lining the streets. We don’t just aim to inspire the next generation. We want to mentor all women, at all stages of their growth. We don’t just focus on the problems confronting us, we are here to do something about them. Let’s get out there and get women fired up - help women recognize that they can achieve greatness. Let’s show them that they belong, and that they, too, can inspire with those 5 words:

– Hey, let’s go ride bikes.

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